Private Funds Investment

The team was established in 2016 to invest in private equity opportunities in UAE, MENA and Asia. Over the past 10 years, the team has committed over $800M in capital to more than 12 different investments, alongside more than 25 Transactions. We have committed to investments across UAE, Oman, South East Asia and Europe with a preference for mid-market businesses.

Our expertise in equities encompasses a comprehensive range of active strategies, designed to meet the needs of institutional investors. We offer a broad range of opportunities, including dividend investing in existing entities, emerging markets strategic ventures, recovery investing, and value investment over a long term joint ventures, which are managed with a long-term perspective to deliver long-term outperformance for our clients.

Few firms offer the breadth of practice that we bring to investors. We understand the issues specific to different types of needs and offer advice that comes from a wealth of experience across industries and local markets. Our Team consists of specialists with broad experience in all the key industries, including venture capital, infrastructure, and natural resources, raising funds worldwide that range from less than $50 million to over $1 billion. The depth and breadth of our experience allows us to provide our clients with the most current market terms for their industry as well as  access to cutting-edge developments across industries. 

As part of our strategic fund advising process, we counsel fund managers and investors on market terms and conditions and provide a wide range of legal expertise. Clients rely on us for:

  1. Ongoing compliance programs, 
    Profit sharing and other compensation plans, 
    Banking and other financial services expertise

We are known for creating innovative fund structures that accomplish client goals and meet the unique regulatory requirements.  Our experts work with interdisciplinary teams to provide counsel at every stage of a fund, drawing on the collective knowledge and experience.

We Believe in:

  1. Active, unconstrained investment, 
    A long-term investment horizon, 
    Independent thinking, 
    Consistent application of our investment strategies, and 
    Responsible investment.

Consequently, we focus on what really matters for equity funding: the understanding of companies, their valuation, and potential in the market. This is our area of expertise.

Industrial Enterprises Investment

1- Marine Services

ROYAL M Port & Coastal Marine Services subsidiary was formed in May 2013 in response to a growing demand for an increase in the scope of works from the Marine Segments and Offshore Services. The purpose of the company is to support and complement the Royal M group of companies, by expanding services into managed solutions and larger tonnages. At present, these services include the management and maintenance of marine assets and the provision of coastal services.

The same ethos which has allowed the Royal M group of companies to grow underpins the new business.  Providing Professional, consultative and collaborative service with modest margins.

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” – Henry Ford

We believe in determined endeavors to ensure the highest ethical and moral standards in our operations through commitment towards delivering customized solutions to our clients. As a vigorous measure of reliability, we pledge a resolute commitment to the health and safety of our people, and to protect the environment in all of our operations worldwide.

2- Oil and Gas Specialized Works

Emirates Horizon General Trading is one of the UAE’s leading suppliers of Oil & Gas Equipment and services in the region for mainly the government entities and a selected group of companies. We offer quality products, timely delivery and personalized services to our esteemed clients since our inception.

We’ve been serving our customers need as per the specifications and requirement of widely accepted International standards. We have built our reputation and believe that we contribute to the convergence of people through our services.

Agricultural Enterprises Investment

At Emirates Horizon One of the main divisions is of Animal Feeds that is engaged in serving the government and niche clients in the region for the past many years.

We offer a wide selection of products for client’s specific requirements from world class manufacturers who are committed to their quality and innovative in their technology

The main aim of this division is to build a relationship with their clients based on management knowledge and certainty in the respective market with a commitment to delivering value products and services at competitive prices. We are committed to constant improvement in every market segment we serve and to adding tangible value to our clients, customers and suppliers.

Emirates Horizon General Trading through its history conducts the export and transport of grains including wheat, barley, rice, lentil, beans, corn for animal feed and other food commodities to various parts of the world.

From its establishment the company sought to provide its clients with the best and highest level of services which grants us the credibility and ability of implementing the most important and major contracts in particularly grains using a staff of experienced persons qualified for carrying out such activities.

The company is also registered in the list of suppliers of the General Authority for Supply of Commodities (GASC) in Egypt to participate in the tenders for export and transport of grains including milling wheat.

Educational Enterprises Foundation

“An Investment in Knowledge pays the best Interest” – Benjamin Franklin

We at Emirates Horizon Investment value the power of knowledge and education as it forms the basic frame for the development of our society. We have developed our portfolio to include several opportunities of investment in Private Schools and Universities in UAE and GCC. 

We at Emirates Horizon Investment serve as the linking arm between investors and the available opportunities. Moreover, we ensure the trust through informative advising tools and practices provided by experienced consultants of the field.

Energy and Oil Trade Exchange

The company’s traded commodities mainly include the following categories:

1) CRUDE OIL [Sour / Sweet]

2) Light Products (LPG, NGLs, naphtha, gasoline and blending components, etc)

3) Middle Distillates Products (kerosene, diesel)

4) Heavy Ends Products (vacuum gasoil, straight-run fuel oil, cracked fuel oil including bunker fuel oil, asphalt, etc)

5) Chemical Products (paraxylene, mixed xylenes, glycol, styrene, natural runner, etc).

Currently, the Company has entered into strategic partnership agreements with a number of world renowned enterprises. These strategic partners provide stable long-term supply and sales channels, outstanding product and service quality in the industry, and ensure smooth transactions, laying a strong foundation for the future development

Further to long term supply agreements, which ensures industrial customers have the steady supply they need to continue with the smooth day-to-day running of their operations, we try as a physical commodity trading firm to seek, identify and address short term market imbalances.